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Taste the Harvest

Taste the Harvest 2007

"Take 800 children, 35 teachers, 45 farmers and helpers, 10 chefs and 5 vicars, mix with fresh air and the wonderful Somerset countryside, and you have the perfect recipe for another Mega Harvest Festival"
(Press Release 2007)

Organisers Mark Pope and Rob Walrond, were keen to connect the children even more closely with their food sources, and offered a half day visit for each class, to include:
  • Planting a plot with wheat seeds by hand, and watch their growth throughout the year
  • Preparing vegetables with top local chefs for soup eaten later
  • Digging potatoes for lunch
  • Seeing and learning about old and new machinery
  • Watching old-style ploughing with shire horses
  • Watching new-style ploughing with a tractor
  • Watching wheat being harvested with a combine harvester 
  • Eating a 3-course hot lunch prepared by children, local chefs and cooked by RNAS Yeovilton
  • Enjoying a harvest thanksgiving with local vicars

Follow up
  • Many schools returned to Staple Farm in June 2008 to see how their wheat plots are growing
  • The children calculated how many seeds their plot would reap, and went away to work out how many grains of wheat the whole field would produce

Taste the Harvest 2004

Bus in 700 children from local schools on a fine Autumn day in September 2004 to Staple Farm and you have the first Taste the Harvest Event.

Include a tour with local farmers as guides and a talk in each area, including:
  • The large grain store full of wheat seeds, enough to make 1.5 million loaves of bread.
  • Horse drawn ploughing
  • Farm machinery through the ages 
  • Wildlife and conservation talk
  • Biscuit baking with local bakers
Ending with a funky Harvest Thanksgiving Service, the children had a wonderful time.

Further Information

If you would like to visit Staple Farm with your school, please contact Mark Pope:

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Year of Food and Farming



Taste the Harvest

"to reconnect children with food and countryside"

"to promote healthy living via a direct experience of food, farming and countyside"

"to create a first-hand memorable learning experience that children will always remember"

Above quotes taken from the aims of the Year of Food and Farming  2007 and included in Press Release for Taste the Harvest 2007

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