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Wheat in June
Wheat in June

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is grown for bread and for chicken and beef animal feed. It is grown on an annual rotation with the break crop grown in between, or otherwise left fallow (with no crop) to allow the soil to rest and recoup minerals between crops, and to remove weed types associated with the crop.  Wheat is harvested in August.

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Field Beans are grown as a 'break crop' between wheat cycles to allow the soil to recuperate.  Field beans are grown for feeding beef animals, and is harvested in late August.  They are like broad beans, we can eat them when young.

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is managed in partnership with the cropped areas, with ponds, 6 metre wildlife margins and countryside footpaths being under continuous development.

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 grows to a height of 3 metres, and when ripe the stalks are like cane.  It is harvested in March, then chopped into small pieces, baled and used for horse bedding.  Being  a natural product, it is very absorbent and breaks down naturally.

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Christmas trees
are harvested in December! Our trees are of the  Norway Spruce variety and we cannot class them as non-drop trees, however, as the trees are freshly cut in December according to customer demand they will not lose many needles, especially if they are watered once at home. As a customer you may also 'pick your own' Christmas tree from the field - this can be lots of fun!

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"Soil is like a

 mind ....

 it needs

a break

every now

 and then"

Miscanthus in September
Miscanthus in September

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 Staple Farm Christmas Trees near Taunton are cut from 1st December - come and pick your own fresh tree - all freshly cut